The journey to excellence

We’re on a mission to spread high-end Italian furniture around the world. There’s something special about a room transformed by quality furniture. It adds an extra dynamic to your life that’s unmistakable. You’ll notice it when your entire family sits comfortably in the living room or when you’re exhausted and you need a place to rest. The crisp comfortability of Italian furniture rejuvenates, excites, and reinvigorates your spirit.

Manufacturing Since 1995

It’s about tradition. We’re establishing a history that will endure. By taking on the perspective of excellence, we’re here to deliver nothing but quality. Our 25 years of experience has taught us something. By building on the legacy of the Italian furniture making history, we’re helping keep that legacy alive. For us, it’s more than furniture. It’s a way of life.

It’s All About People

The award-winning designers that work with us consider their job to be more of an art form than anything else. By surrounding ourselves with artisans, customers get uniquely inspired one of a kind handmade items that will last forever.


Good Is Not Good Enough

You don’t want good, you want excellent. At David Divani Designs, there is no other measure. Each piece we offer was handcrafted, inspected, re-inspected, and carefully delivered. Just as we want the best for our families, we also want the best for customers. In a way, it’s like we are all just one big family.

A Luxury Experience

A luxury approach is also a legacy approach. High-quality handmade Italian furniture will last through multiple generations of your family. That’s a priceless return on your investment. We get it. You love nice things and so do we. When it comes to how you furnish your home, nothing could be more crisp, clean, plush, and comfortable then high-quality Italian furniture.